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Gout: Healthy Living With Gout

Gout Healthy Living e1313033471225 Gout & Living HealthyMillions of people suffer daily from the aches and pains of Gout.  Gout pain can be terrible and debilitating.  The problem is lack of understanding of the disease and management of the pain that it causes. Libraries have little information; doctors don’t have enough time to explain it in full.  Internet resources are a good way of educating people on living with gout and in turn they can educate others.  Read on in this article to learn the cause of Gout, in order to, educate yourself and others to help reduce the suffering caused by this disease.

Gout Overview

Gout is a type of arthritis in one of its most advanced forms.  There are many people living with gout, men are the most frequent suffers, woman and even babies. Obese and overweight people are more commonly living with gout.  When overweight people get gout, they tend to be less active; this makes the gout more painful.  The pain from gout comes from uric acid in forming into small crystals in the soft bone tissue.  These crystals rub soft tissue and joints on a constant basis.  To be successful in living with gout, lifestyle modifications will need to be made.  Diet is an important key to controlling gout.  Exercise is another part to healing from gout.  When first diagnosed with gout, it will be painful and living normal with gout will be a very far off thought.  But with time it can be controlled and people do go on to live normal healthy lives.

Gout and Lifestyle

Gout may be seriously altering your life right now.  You may find that it is nearly impossible to get up out of bed in the morning.  You may be driving less and maybe not even leaving your house.  Gout can also affect your mental and emotional state of being.  It just takes a few modifications in diet and exercise. With a few lifestyle changes, it is possible to live a normal, healthy and active life.

Gout and Diet

Living with gout will require some important diet modifications.  It is extremely important to avoid alcohol.   Alcohol has been directly linked to the development of gout.  It contains purines that cause the formation and deposit of uric acid crystals.  Beer is the highest in purines.  In addition, the foods that are high in purines are; organ meats, preserved fish and smoked meats.  Foods high in acids also make gout worse.  When people living with gout eat too many purine foods they suffer horrible symptoms. Foods that are beneficial to living with gout are; cherries, blackberries and plenty of fresh vegetables.  It is advisable to limit potatoes and corn to once or twice a week.  It is important when living with gout to follow these dietary restrictions very closely.

Gout Symptoms and Effects on the Body

Usually the first place people living with gout notice changes are in the large toes.  The pain is noticed more in this area when walking. Joints will be very painful and present with heat, swelling and redness.  This can quickly spread to the knees, elbows, shoulders and hands.   The first pain of gout is usually the worst pain ever felt.  When living with gout it will be very painful to touch the joints.  You may also have a lot of trouble with certain types of shoes.

Gout and Pain Relief

There are ways to control the pain when living with gout.  It is very important to stick to the “low purine” diet.  High protein meats and alcohol will cause excess uric acid crystal formation and increase the pain of living with gout.  This causes the crystals to rub against your tissues.  An experiment to try is to take something hard and scratchy and rub it on your skin repeatedly.  The pain you feel is what is happening inside your joints.  Pain medications do not really help much when living with gout.  Anti-inflammatory medications are more helpful in making you comfortable with gout as it decreases the swelling within the joints.

Gout and Personal Perception

Living with gout can be a very different experience for different people.  One person may suffer from excruciating pain, while someone else may feel just a little achy in the joints.  Even if living with gout is easy for you, it is still important to follow your doctor’s instructions, stick to the diet and exercise.  This will make living with gout so much easier.  Men are more prone to gout from early in life and women get it towards menopause.  This can make the daily function of life difficult to handle with job stresses, family and a disease.  This in turn can cause sufferers to want to stay idle, which is a major cause of depression in those living with gout.

With proper education and treatment sufferers will have a much easier time living with gout.  Proper diet, exercise and avoidance of alcohol are important for healing.  If those living with gout follow these few elements they are well on their way to living a normal, happy and healthy life.

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